Alan Barnosky is a North Carolina-based guitarist and songwriter proudly nestled within the realms of bluegrass, folk, and country blues, writing songs and flatpicking melodies with admiration and respect for the American roots traditions of years past.

Hailing from Winneconne, WI, Michael has been playing bluegrass for a decade, and more recently was inspired to pick up the banjo for its great bluegrass Appalachian melodies. He was initially drawn to bluegrass after listening to contemporary acoustic jam bands, but was then driven to go backwards in time to uncover the multitude of bands and genres of bluegrass. He has played in numerous bands in Idaho and Wisconsin before relocating to North Carolina and joining the ranks of Counterclockwise.

Palmyra was introduced to the rich musical history of the South upon moving to Carrboro in middle school. Her interest in folk and bluegrass music grew as a teenager, listening to friends play around campfires and attending local music festivals like the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival. She grew up playing piano and singing in the choir at school, and started playing bluegrass bass as an adult so she could join in on the jams. "There is a common language in bluegrass that brings together people from many backgrounds and generations, I love the musical connection and community that it creates."

Raised in Alabama, mandolinist Robert had to move to NC to learn bluegrass. “Having started in classical music, I am still mesmerized by Bach’s violin partitas,” Robert explains.  “But, you know, bluegrass has this irresistible charm.  And to my delight, I've discovered that Bach and bluegrass have lots in common: the same 12-note scale system, aggressive backbeat chops, the initial letter ‘B'….”  An adept self-interviewer, Robert now resides in Durham, NC, where he hopes to found the new "Bachgrass" genre.


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